Advisory Committee

1º comité consultivo

Photo of the first meeting of the Advisory Committee


The Advisory Committee of the School of Technology (EST) is composed of a group of individuals and companies that stand out for their high business and industrial value in the specific areas of EST. Also, part of this Advisory Committee are all the course directors and disciplinary coordinators of each area of the EST specialization, as well as a representative of the IPCA Office of Employment, Entrepreneurship and Business Linking.

The EST Advisory Committee normally meets once a year and its main mission is to provide direct advice to the various decision-making bodies of the School in central matters to its activity, namely in teaching, research and community service. Given particular emphasis on pursuing continued and fruitful lines of collaboration between the School and Industry, through closer relations and exchange of experience between representatives of industry and companies and the faculty and research of EST.


The success of the meetings of the Advisory Committee is due in large part to the quality of the partners who, year after year, have been assisting EST in its mission to provide education that responds to the effective needs of the labor market.

The 1st meeting of the Advisory Committee of the EST was held in 2013 and was a success at all levels, surpassing even the best expectations in terms of the results of this new National Initiative. The model of restricted parallel meetings, divided by technical areas of specialization of the Higher School of Technology, allowed a closer proximity between the representatives of the invited companies and the EST, allowing an analysis of the study cycles in a perspective of direct alignment with the effective needs of the the identification of collaborative bridges for research, innovation and technological development.

The 2014 meeting followed a similar model, however in 2015 the Advisory Committee meeting was held on the same day as JobShop EST, an active job search / offer initiative that brought together over one hundred students, graduates and companies With internship / job offers.

In 2016, the Advisory Committee meeting was held on May 25, as part of the EST Day celebrations.