Bachelor in Integrated Systems of Management QAS


This Master’s degree aims to provide students with technical and scientific knowledge of the essential aspects of Quality, the Environment, Safety and Hygiene at Work, Social Responsibility and Innovation, as well as their practical application in companies.

The Master in Integrated QAS Management Systems is qualified to work in the following areas, among others:

‘ Individual implementation of Quality, Environment, Safety, Social Responsibility and Innovation systems, as well as their integration;

‘ Responding to and contributing to customer satisfaction by identifying their requirements throughout the management process;

‘ Continuous improvement of overall performance through risk prevention, control of environmental aspects and product improvement.

This course awards certificates of Internal Auditor for Quality, Environment, Safety and Integrated Management Systems issued by an accredited certification body. The course gives access to the Professional Title of Senior Occupational Safety Technician, in accordance with law no. 42/2012, of August 28.


After-work schedule

Scholarship possible

Tuition fee of €2,200 (2 years) *

20 places