Postgraduate Courses

  • Cyber Security and Forensics Informatics


    Companies that work with computer systems have a strong need to ensure the security of their systems, together with the security of the information not only regarding EU laws, but also regarding the operational demands. This creates a career opportunity for computer programmers with specific know-how in this area. Know-how which can be acquired in this course, since it aims at characterizing information security and its main features in the organizations. Other skills in which this course is focussed on are, defining and mantaining a security information management system, knowing standards applied to security, applying security techniques to mobile devices, wireless networkscomputer applications, among many other activities.

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  • Data Analysis for Business

    This Post-Graduation course aims at developing relevant competencesfor those who carry out activities in the areas which use data analysis technics and knowledge extraction from databases. During this course studentswill deepen their knowledge in Data Mining and Multivariate Analysis techniques. Students will also be familiarised with the most recent transformations in the business intelligence and data analysis areas, by building a bridge between technology and business management.

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