Postgraduate Courses

  • Cyber Security and Computer Forensics


    The use of technology has brought unquestionable advantages for both citizens and companies, enabling global communication and the simplification/automation of services. However, it has also led to an increase in the risks inherent in carrying out a large number of activities digitally. Attacks have increased, as has their severity. There is an urgent need to train professionals in this specific area of activity. In this sense, the Postgraduate course in Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics aims to respond to the need for companies working with computer systems to ensure the security of their systems, combined with the need for information security, both operational and due to the EU laws in force. A career opportunity has been created for IT professionals with specific knowledge in the area of computer security, both from a technical and information systems point of view, and this course covers both aspects.  

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  • Data Analysis for Business

    After work

    The postgraduate course in Data Analysis for Business aims to develop relevant skills for those who work in areas that use data analysis techniques and the extraction of knowledge from databases.

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  • Fintech

    The postgraduate course in Fintech aims to develop relevant skills for those working in management, finance, accounting, human resources, logistics, insurance, banking, financial markets, solicitors and related areas.  

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  • Sustainable Industrial Transformation

    After Work

    The post-graduate course aims to train professionals in industry to work essentially with the tools of environmental sustainability and continuous improvement. The aim is to achieve the following objectives: Design management by objectives; Interpreting the needs for the transition to industry 5.0 (green and digital); Lead people and promote teamwork in these transition processes; Know the basics of sustainable industrial transition; Apply production control practices and core quality tools; Apply continuous improvement processes; Apply Lean and Ecodesign in product development; Apply cleaner production technologies; Auditing production and management systems; Apply the knowledge acquired in a Bootcamp session.

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