Executive Training Course

This is a non-technical program run in partnership with Microsoft as part of its AI Business School initiative (a global Microsoft initiative with INSEAD), which aims to present the state of the art and train executives in a practical and actionable way how to build an Artificial Intelligence strategy for their organization, including cultural and corporate responsibility issues.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Executives: AI Business School


    IPCA's School of Technology offers a range of courses designed to update, deepen and broaden knowledge in certain areas. This new course, in collaboration with Microsoft, will enable executives to deepen their Business Intelligence skills and build strategies capable of transforming their organizations in order to develop analytically-based competitive advantages, taking advantage of the latest developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence. At the end of the program, participants will be aware of the current opportunities generated by the latest technological developments available and supported by Microsoft technologies, as well as being able to build effective and responsible strategies for creating new data-driven products and services leveraged by the potential of data science and Artificial Intelligence. Knowing how to guide people in a context of change and define a strategy in a context of profound digital transformation is fundamental to creating value for the business. This course was developed to respond to these challenges with the aim of training executives and business leaders to use AI focused on strategy, company culture and leadership, within a framework of ethical use of data.

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